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GSF is one of the best institutions in the tricity, reason being all the students have been directly taught by the well recognized coaches in the field of education.

Each expert has mastered his field of the subject and in a very genius way, contributing towards the increment of delivering excellence in studies. At GSF each and every concept with the mechanism behind every complex equation has been made clear to the students in the classroom.

We, at GSF, make sure the utilization of the time effectively as all the legendary coaches in the field of competition exams are present under one roof. Moreover, if any student has any kind of doubts regarding any topic after or before the topic has been taught in the class, can directly approach to any of the experts and get them clear.

Also, at GSF, all the major concepts are made very interesting and started from the basic level so that the students of each level feel comfortable and shall have their participation with ease. We also, innovate and try to adopt new and innovating methods to explain every topic in a very lucid and elaborative way.

Moreover, right mix of the classes, problem solving and doubt session supplements with thoroughly revised study material, as per the new pattern, has helped us to produce students amongst the toppers of the nation.